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Abstract Template

Workshops or ‘How To’ Sessions – 60 or 90 minute sessions

Strengthening and Supporting the Mental Health System
1st Biennial Conference in Professional Supervision

Workshops and ‘how to’ sessions offer fast-tracked learning and are intended to offer specific practical advice and guidance on particular aspects of practice that are of relevance to delegates. Workshops involve the audience in participation to discuss ideas or practice key skills. ‘How to’ sessions demonstrate skills or techniques, permit audience participation and are ideal for practitioners to share an aspect of their professional expertise/learning. ‘How to’ sessions provide a forum for presenting work of an applied nature on any topic relevant to psychology. They are not marketing opportunities for particular products or services; therefore submissions of this nature will not be considered.

1. Required Information

  • Title (approx. 12 words)
  • Stream most appropriate to the workshop or ‘how to’ session
  • Presentation length (either 60 or 90 minutes)
  • Name and institutional affiliation of each author (first author, followed by co-author/s)
  • Name/s of the presenter/s 
  • Abstract (max. 350 words) that includes:
    • Background: Provide a concise statement which places the workshop or ‘how to’ session in context including any level of prior knowledge expected of participants assumptions of participants’ prior knowledge
    • Aims/objectives: State the aim and objectives of the session and a statement of learning outcomes in the form of knowledge, skills and techniques/competencies participants are expected to acquire
    • Approach: Provide details of appropriate, active, participatory learning approaches and any learning materials supplied to augment the learning activity
    • Conclusion: State how the learning outcomes of the session will contribute to participants’ continuing professional development

2. Submission Format

All submissions (including abstracts) must be in Microsoft Word format only (PDF versions are not acceptable) and prepared in accordance with the following requirements:

  • Arial 10 point font
  • Single line spacing
  • 2.54cm margins
  • Presented in a single paragraph, using the following example as a guide:


Enter your presentation title in sentence case here

SURNAME, A. (Affiliation), & SURNAME, B. (Affiliation)


Aim: Type your 350-word abstract here, ensuring you keep the font as it is (Arial 10pt, single-spaced).

Design: Please ensure that you have entered your presentation title in sentence case, with a capital letter at the beginning of the first word and the rest of the title in lower case, except where a capital is necessary or where the first letter follows a colon.

Method: All authors must be entered in the format illustrated above, with surname and initial in capital letters, then affiliation in brackets. Where you have listed more than one author, please bold the presenting author surname and initial. An email address is inserted on a separate line, as per the example above, and please make sure the email address belongs to the presenting author. Please use gender-inclusive language and avoid cumbersome phrases.

Results: If using headings such as ‘Aim’, ‘Method’, ‘Conclusion’, to identify different areas of your abstract, please use bold font for these headings.

Conclusion: Abstracts will be available online prior to the Conference.

Abstract Template: Workshops or ‘How To’ Session


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