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Single Subject Application Form
Single Subject Expression of Interest

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Are you of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander origin?
Of the following categories, which BEST describes your current employment status? (Tick ONE box only)


What is your highest completed school level?
Have you successfully completed any of the qualifications listed?


Please list the Unit/Single Subject you wish to enrol in.
This code can be found on our course pages.
Please list what course was this unit apart of.

Supporting Documentation

Maximum upload size: 2.1MB
Maximum upload size: 2.1MB
Please note, there is a pre-requisite for our Master of Psychology (Clinical Psychology) and the Doctor of Psychology (Clinical Psychology) course units of “a four year, or three year plus a fourth year, APAC accredited sequence in psychology within the last ten years”. Please upload a copy of your transcript to represent this.
A personal statement of maximum 500 words, outlining what factors have contributed to the application.
Suitable applications may be invited to attend a phone interview with members of the School Teaching Faculty.

Where did you first hear about our Single Subject enrolment?